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My name is Dominika Banaszak and I am a graphic designer 🙂

I grew up in a house full of books, pictures, paints and  self-adhesive film. Till the age of 12 I was sure that  there were no more boring job than running an advertising agency! Shortly afterwards I found out that graphics means much more than digging the tape out by a knife from between the letters cut on a plotter.

In 2013 I graduated from graphic studies in Poznan. I have worked as a graphic designer for 10 years and I’ve been running my own business for 4 years. I cooperate with numerous companies, printhouses and advertising agencies.

I am bursting with energy and I am still looking for new challengies!






1. The most essential is a brief! What should it include?

First of all, a brief should include information about the company and the sector it works in (or intends to work). It is vital to determine the target group, competitors and your expectations towards the graphic designer. It is worth to share any idea since it shortens the time of project implementation.


Why a brief and not a short phone conversation? Ideas written down on a piece of paper are more accurate and deliberate. They decrease the probability of confusion and omission.


2. After the Contract is signed and 25% prepayment paid I get down to work.

I like when the cooperation is based on simple and clear rules, therefore I start it with stating  all agreements in a form of a contract. It  removes all doubts and guarantees the two parties complying with the arrangements.


What do I need advance payment for? The client may change his mind at any time, however, an advance payment of 25% is non-repayable. I am a proffessionalist and spend much time carrying out the planned projects.


Depending on the type of the order I try to send a given project withing a couple of working days. Estimated execution time is always clearly stated in the contract. I always stick t the deadline, however, in practice, most of my projects are ready a day before.


3. After making all corrections we finalise the project. After making all corrections and having the final acceptance of the project I send  pro forma invoice.

Having the transfer booked,  I send the project in all formats ordered by the client (pdf, jpg, eps, ai, psd, png, tiff, etc.) as well as the invoice.





Is there a possibility of getting a printout?

Unfortunately, I do not have a printhouse, but it is possible to order the project together with a printout. I cooperate with a few good printhouses which are able to print everything fast and for a reasonable price.


What are the prices of projects?

Due to the specific nature of the industry, the price of every project is determined individually.

Feel free to contact me- I will answer all your questions!


And what about the proprietary copyrights?

On the client’s request,  I sign the Contract with transferring the proprietary copyrights.